Cyber-Security Training for Students, Teachers and Parents

The OSCE Mission in Skopje and the “Metamorphosis” Foundation, together with the Information Society and Administration Ministry organized one-day training on cyber-security for elementary school students, teachers and parents where the best and responsible ways to sue the internet were presented. The Information Society Minister, Damjan Mancevski stated that the cyber-security is not only concerned with technology and computer viruses, but it also consists of basic rules of conduct online. Such activities are planned throughout all schools with the Education Ministry’s cooperation. “Having in mind that abuse of personal data and other unpleasant situations might come to pass through the use of the internet, which is irreplaceable for educational and other means, the rules on proper use need to be respected,” stated Education Minister, Arber Ademi. The ESCE Ambassador, Clemens Koja stated that more needs to be done, in order for all members of society to become computer literate, and he expressed his satisfaction in the efforts toward dealing with internet threats, among which cyber-bullying, fishing, stealing personal data and similar. The Director of the “Metamorphosis” Foundation, Bardil Jashiri stated that cyber-security is one of the key topics they work on since their founding and they consider an inclusive approach by all sides in society to be the most appropriate in confronting all threats and risks brought by digital technologies. The State Statistics Office data shows that 80 percent of households in the country have access to internet, and 73% use it daily.