NATO Caravan in Prilep

With entry into NATO, new market is opened for Macedonian companies with turnover of 5 billion Euros. The political stability will stimulate investments, both foreign and domestic, which in turn will influence lowering unemployment, economic growth and development and raising the living standards. These were the points at the panel discussion on NATO advantages which was held in Prilep on Sunday. During the platform, it was underlined that by entering NATO, Macedonian companies have the right to apply for public calls from the NATO system, and especially large potential is shown for IT companies which can receive work, or be employed as sub-contractors. “The countries that have entered NATO, 5 years before and 5 years after, have seen increase in GDP from 4.5% to 7.4%. There is also difference in the average unemployment rate that has lowered from 11.4% to 6.5%,” stated Nina Angelovska, Finance Minister. The Deputy UK Ambassador, Dominic Otway pointed out that all countries that have entered NATO have had hug financial benefits from the membership into the most powerful and most stable alliance in the world. Such panel discussion for advantages and benefits from NATO membership are planned to be held in other cities as well.