Zaev: Election will Not be Delayed

PM Zoran Zaev remains with the idea for implementing single election unit and open lists for the upcoming elections even with VMRO-DPMNE’s and DUI’s opposition. He further states that the elections will not be delayed and that the final vote for the legal decision for changing the election model which is prepared at Parliament, will be for the MPs. Zaev is optimistic that there is enough time before the elections in order for the parties to reach consensus for single election unit. With the goal of conducting democratic and credible elections, which will enable political participation by voters through the election of their representatives from who they will request accountability, PM Zaev signed Memorandum for cooperation with the Swiss Ambassador, Sybille Suter Tejada. Ten-year project for election reforms and support by Switzerland with 12 million Swiss francs. After the conclusion of the support by the Swiss government, foreseen for 2023, all tools and instruments developed through the program will be taken by the ministries to be used for all key institutions, all political parties and important factors from the civil society.