Joveski, Kalajdziev, Zaev on SPO compensations

Prosecutor, Ljubomir Joveski stated that the amounts that the SPO employees received are illogical, since they are larger even than that of the President of the country. Joveski adds that according to the law, the additional compensations must not surmount 35% of the regular salary. Prosecutor Vilma Ruskovska stated for Sitel that the documentation taken from SPO is currently examined and the public will be informed on their findings as soon as they are completed. “The compensation issue is more complex than it looks. Obviously it was probable that it is agreed on, or in some way it felt necessary, in view of the situation in which they executed their function, under danger, and that’s why they request for additional compensation. I think it is sloppily and problematically executed, because the confidentiality is included in their normal responsibilities, that is the work of the prosecutors and that is something every prosecutor has, not only them, and as such, such high compensations can’t be justified,” stated Helsinki Committee President, Professor Gordan Kalajdziev. PM, Zoran Zaev also commented on SPO, saying it was created to be an institution for the country, and if someone perpetrated crime inside of it, it is up to the institutions to determine through procedures and evidence.