Justice Ministry: Information that Gruevski was arrested in Hungary not true

The Ministry of Justice came out with an announcement on Monday, after several media reported of an alleged arrest of former PM Nikola Gruevski in Budapest, Hungary, and that the Justice Ministry did not demand his extradition back to Macedonia. “We would like to clarify that this information is not true. On 31 October 2019 the Hungarian Ministry of Justice notified us that they have received our request for extradition of Gruevski and that they have forwarded it to the Hungarian Public Prosecution. We were also notified that the Hungarian Public Prosecutor decided to not initiate prosecution processes against Gruevski or any other precaution measures,” the announcement of the Justice Ministry writes. Gruevski eloped to Budapest and was granted political asylum, after he was found guilty of abuse of his official position of PM for procurement of an official vehicle.