SCPC to examine Property assets of Judges, Public prosecutors in 2020

The State Commission for Prevention of Corruption (SCPC) announced in a press conference on Monday that their programme for 2020 predicts full examination of the property and its origin of all judges and public prosecutors in Macedonia. Only one day before this, the PM Zoran Zaev voiced via a video message dissatisfaction with how the judiciary in Macedonia functions at the moment, demanding SCPC to take measures and examine the property assets of all employees in that sector. “After we conducted analyses for evaluation of risks of corruption, we estimated that the sector of judiciary is the one with the highest risk indicator, which is why in 2020 we shall investigate how the judges and public prosecutors developed their careers. The inspection of the property assets of individuals is among the rather new authorisations of SCPC, and its implementation requires upgrade of our capacities, which we hope will be done in due time,” said the President of SCPC Biljana Ivanovska.