Macron: It was not France alone that Decided negatively about North Macedonia

The President of France Emanuel Macron told MIA after the NATO Summit in London that France was not the only one that opposed the start of membership talks between the EU and Macedonia in October 2019 at the Summit in Brussels. “I once again accept the role of the bad guy in this process, but I must inform you that France was not alone in the negative decision. We consider that the enlargement procedure the way it is now is way too bureaucratic, confusing, irrelevant and unstoppable. We understand and support the progress of North Macedonia and the tough decisions you had to make, but we are in need of a new enlargement methodology which can be reversible, allow differentiation and include phases of partnerships before actual integration. North Macedonia and Albania have done a lot indeed, but we cannot allow start of membership talks before all required reforms are implemented,” Macron said.