MISA, OSCE present Strategy for Digitalisation of State Administration

The Ministry of Information Society and Administration (MISA) and the Mission of OSCE to Macedonia organised on Thursday a conference titled “Strategy for Reform of Public Administration 2018-2022 – future challenges”. The Minister of Information Society and Administration Damjan Mancevski presented the Strategy, pointing out that its main goal is the establishment of efficient and digitalised public administration. “We have realised several strategic priorities which lay solid grounds for the processes of digitalisation. On 1 January we shall put in function the System for Electronic Management of Documents (DMS), and at the moment we are also working on the evaluation of the new IPA-project for digitalisation of crucial registers of the state and development of 120 new e-services. Ever since the start of this Strategy in 2018, we have conducted 57 % of the activities and measures it contains. 76 projects were fully implemented, while 34 others are in final phase,” Mancevski said. OSCE Ambassador Clemens Koja evaluated the Strategy for digitalisation of the state administration as one of the greatest priorities of the government. “This reform should result with professional, hard-working and free from political influence employees, ready to provide different kinds of state services to the citizens. I am proud that our Mission has provided the authorities in North Macedonia with proper support for implementation of this Strategy,” Koja underlined.