Police conducts Searches in Companies connected to Businessman Kamcev

Police teams have conducted searches in the premises of two companies located in Macedonia and one located in Spain. Police officials have confirmed for MIA that the companies searched have connections to Macedonian businessman Orce Kamcev, and that the action is connected to the debt of 400,000 euros of VMRO-DPMNE for funding of their pre-electoral campaign. This information was also confirmed by Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski. “With a warrant issued by a judge and a prosecutor, police teams have entered the premises of two companies in North Macedonia, but I cannot reveal any names of natural or legal entities in question at the moment,” Spasovski said. From Kamcev’s company Orka Holding they denied the information published by several media that the police is searching the premises of the company “Mont”, which is owned by Kamcev. “This is not a matter of a search, but a simple control in which two police inspectors have requested certain documents and they were provided the same without any problems. We want to make clear that neither Orka Holding, nor Mont took part in or are anyhow connected to the pre-electoral campaign of VMRO-DPMNE,” writes the reaction.