Mickoski: With 2/3 majority in Parliament we can Abolish Prespa Agreement

VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski said in an interview for the show “Utrinski Brifing” that VMRO-DPMNE intends to win election in April 2020, and once it assumes power to abolish the Prespa Agreement. “If we manage to win the sufficient number of MP seats in the Parliament, we can secure a 2/3 majority which will abolish the Prespa Agreement. Like I said before, VMRO-DPMNE cannot ignore the reality, but we can work on changing it,” Mickoski said. PM Zoran Zaev reacted to Mickoski’s statements, saying that what he intends to do will only bring harm to the citizens of Macedonia. “The Agreements we concluded with Greece and with Bulgaria are not a joking matter. I do not doubt that Mickoski and VMRO-DPMNE will try to abolish these agreements once they come to power, but how will they explain the citizens that because of their actions North Macedonia will be demoted in its Euro-Atlantic integrations, and will be left outside NATO and EU? I see him in numerous interviews claiming that he keeps on calling the country Macedonia, without using the adjective North. I too am doing that, but as Zoran Zaev, a common citizen. When I speak as the PM of North Macedonia, I act in accordance with the Constitution and use the name North Macedonia. I believe that even if the smallest political party in our country wins the election, they must be aware of the serious consequences if they for some reasons decide to abolish the agreements with Greece and Bulgaria,” Zaev said. Commenting on the plans of SDSM for forming alliances with other parties, PM Zaev said that all decisions will be made at the meeting of the party management this Friday. “The party management shall assemble and make all necessary decisions. I believe that no agreements about political alliances will be made before the middle of February 2020. We shall examine and use all options that will solidify and improve our positions before the citizens,” Zaev said.