Zaev: Election May be Delayed if Laws are not Adopted by Parliament

PM Zoran Zaev said on Tuesday that it is possible for the snap election scheduled for 12 April 2020 to be delayed. “I’ve said many times that we should not delay or postpone elections, but we also must stick to our duties before the citizens and the national interests. I call upon the Parliament to adopt all necessary laws on time, before its dissolution for the election, or else we may be forced to delay the election to give the MPs more time to adopt all laws which are important for realisation of the national interests of North Macedonia,” Zaev said. President of Macedonia Stevo Pendarovski on the other hand believes that it is unreasonable for the election to be delayed. “2020 was going to be a year of parliamentary election anyways, so I see not party logic in the necessity for delaying or postponing the snap parliamentary election. Further delay of the election would negatively affect the economic sphere and the direct foreign investments in the country,” President Pendarovski said in the talk show “200” on Alsat TV. From VMRO-DPMNE they state that the snap election must not be delayed. “It seems that Zoran Zaev is in panic that he must resign the position of PM, so he is coming up with ridiculous excuses for delaying the election. The government and the Parliament had almost three years to adopt all necessary laws, so the excuses of Zaev presented today are invalid,” said Igor Janusev from VMRO-DPMNE. DUI MP Artan Grubi said that DUI is ready for election. “We are convinced that we will be victorious among the Albanian bloc in the upcoming snap election. We stand for election held properly and on time, we can even hardly wait for it to take place. We also hope that the NATO Protocol for Accession of North Macedonia will be ratified on time by both the Spanish and the Macedonian Parliaments,” Grubi said.