Ahmeti: Changes in Scheduled Election Only with Consensus

According to DUI leader Ali Ahmeti, now is not the right time for changes to the Electoral Code of Macedonia and transformation of the electoral model with 6 electoral districts. “At the party leaders’ meeting we had with President Stevo Pendarovski we all agreed to have snap election on 12 April 2020 under the current conditions. If for any reason the election is delayed, we must have a new meeting in which we would discuss that issue. When it comes to changes to the electoral model, this is a rather delicate issue which can only be attended to with a consensus of all political parties. There are around 24 political parties in this country, so bringing their positions closer to a mutual resolution for this issue would be quite a challenge,” Ahmeti said. In meantime, Justice Minister Renata Deskoska informed that the political parties are having informal consultations over the Draft-changes to the Electoral Law. “The Justice Ministry managed the implementation of the recommendations issued by OSCE/ODIHR in relation to the Electoral Law. In this process, we have contacted and discussed matters with representatives from all political parties, and we have created the law-changes in accordance with all regulations,” Deskoska said.