Caretaker Government Holds First Session

On Saturday, the caretaker Cabinet held its first session. Caretaker PM Oliver Spasovski didn’t lose time and decided on the three Deputy PMs that Zoran Zaev had. However, instead of Kocho Angjushev, Mila Carovska, former Minister of Labour of Social Policy, is the Deputy PM for Economic Affairs. Bujar Osmani remains Deputy PM for Economic Affairs. Nakje Chulev, Interior Minister nominated by VMRO-DPMNE, didn’t have activities on his first day.  Rashela Mizrahi, Minister of Labour and Social Policy, nominated by VMRO-DPPMNE as well, on her personal Facebook profile, immediately announced reforms. As she wrote, social protection centres mustn’t be a tool for party policy, but rather one to protect those who need such protection. VMRO-DPMNE’s Nevenka Stamenkovska-Stojkovski, Deputy Minister of Information Society and Administration, is worried that there is a huge level of nepotism in the public administration sector. Additional Deputy Minister of Agriculture Cvetan Tripunovski, from VMRO-DPMNE, was the first who created a team of associates in the frames of the Ministry. In his first comments, he levelled criticism at SDSM. As far as the criminal charge that he shares with several former agriculture ministers concerning contracts to lease state-owned agricultural land, he said he didn’t feel guilty. Spasovski adhered to the pledges for completion of started reforms and changes to laws. Sec Gen Dragi Rashkovski, too, was part of the session. He hasn’t been replaced by Spasovski. The previous day, that is, on Friday, the members of the caretaker government had been received by President Stevo Pendarovski.