Stavrevski’s Nomination Causing Problems between Chulev and Petrovska

А wire-tapped conversation between ex-Interior Minister Gordana Jankuloska and an interlocutor has caused problems between Interior Minister Nakje Chulev and Additional Deputy Minister Slavjanka Petrovska. According to the latter, the voice of the person nominated to head the Skopje Internal Affairs Sector, Risto Stavrevski, can be heard in a conversation with Jankuloska that concerns election irregularities in the past. Telma TV tried to contact Chulev on Friday, but he was visiting the Intelligence Agency, the institution headed by him in the past. He wasn’t able to answer whether he would nominate another person or the decision for the new head of the Skopje Sector would have just one signature. However, later, the Interior Ministry issued a press-release according to which Stavreski is the Chief of the Sector.  As it was added, Petrovska and Chulev had a meeting with the newly-appointed heads, telling them that they had to focus on organising peaceful, fair, and democratic elections. Nothing was mentioned about the Stavrevski issue. “Chulev and Petrovska highlighted the good mutual cooperation, adding that such cooperation should be an example of other managers, too, who had to cooperate in the interest of citizens,” the institution said. Stavrevski was also a witness in the Tank case, in which Jankuloska was found guilty. According to Petrovska, decisions not signed by both her and Chulev are illegal. As Telma added, there was a dilemma also about one chief, who had disciplinary proceedings against him and was part of VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski’s security detail. However, the decision on him was signed by both Petrovska and Chulev. The latter will ask the State Election Commission on Monday to solve the signature issue.