Caretaker PM Spasovski Holds Meeting with UK Ambassador Galloway

Caretaker PM Oliver Spasovski held a meeting on Wednesday with UK Ambassador Rachel Galloway. He thanked her for the continued support from the UK in the reform process, as well as on the EU and NATO road. Spasovski is convinced that Skopje and London will continue their productive cooperation as partners and allies. According to him, the caretaker Cabinet, simultaneously with activities to organise early parliamentary elections in April, remains committed to stabilising democracy, carrying out reform processes, maintaining political dialogue, stable interethnic relations, and functional institutions, as arguments for a positive decision of the EU for a start of negotiations in the forthcoming period. Galloway is convinced that her country remains a committed partner and ally of Macedonia. In the Ambassador’s view, the announcements that the EU will very soon adopt the new methodology for enlargement are encouraging. Galloway hopes that Macedonia will afterwards start the negotiations process as a new, significant stage on the road to becoming an EU member. The compromising of reforms and deals achieved so far, especially the agreements with Bulgaria and Greece, can have a serious impact on Macedonia and on its strategic interests, it was assessed at the meeting.