Jean Monnet Meeting: Parliament’s Rules of Procedure to be in Focus of Parties

Parliament’s Rules of Procedure will be in the focus of parties represented in the legislative home at the new meeting of the Jean Monnet process which, as sources from the institution have confirmed, will most likely be held on 31 January and 1 February in Skopje. Ilhan Kyuchyuk is expected to come, as are another two MEPs who still haven’t been confirmed. The official information is that the format of meetings remains the same, that is, that MEPs are supposed to meet party leaders and then have joint talks with parliamentary group coordinators. The groups’ coordinators have said most of the disagreements arising from the Rules of Procedure have been approximated, apart from the fact that the opposition finds problematic the manner of election of Parliament Sec Gen and the approximation with the new name, that is, “Rules of Procedure of the Republic of North Macedonia’s Parliament.” VMRO-DPMNE has explained that there are other issues, too, the party believes should be discussed. According to Hristijan Mickoski’s party, what should  also be taken into consideration is the fact that Parliament is about to dissolve and that the meeting doesn’t mean that all issues will be overcome.