Labour Minister Mizrahi Levels New Accusations at SDSM

The accusations between the new members of the ruling structure have continued. After her visit to the Special Institute in Demir Kapija, Labour and Social Policy Minister Rashela Mizrahi levelled on Thursday negligence accusations at SDSM. According to SDSM, however, VMRO-DPMNE ignored the Special Institute during its rule from 2006 to 2017. Also, the Additional Deputy Minister, Sanela Skrijelj urged Mizrahi to be constructive, adding that citizens shouldn’t be victims of politics. She is adamant that all rights from the field of social protection will be exercised. The same day, Minister of Information Society Damjan Mancevski said he’d heard the opposition’s accusations that certain ministers and additional deputy ministers were facing obstructions and couldn’t form their teams. “However, I don’t understand why those accusations are being made. In our Ministry, there aren’t such problems,” he pointed out.