27 April Case: Constitutionality of Amnesty not to be Assessed

The constitutionality of the amnesty that saved part of those charged in relation to the 27 April 2017 storming of Parliament will not be assessed. The Constitutional Court made the decision on Wednesday by a majority. Judges had opposite views. Some believe Parliament mustn’t be allowed to give the Court a right to decide on some people being amnestied while others don’t receive an amnesty. Other members of the Court are of the opinion that they cannot decide whether Parliament has a right to adopt the Law. The President of the Constitutional Court, Sali Murati, stated that he would never support amnesties harming the state, adding that the Law didn’t discipline perpetrators of crimes during the storming. Judge Naser Ajdari adamantly said the Court couldn’t decide whether the legislative home had the right to adopt the document.