Hearing over Extortion Case Postponed Again

On Thursday, the hearing over the Extortion case was once again postponed because of the absence of former Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva’s lawyers, Deljo Kadiev and Irena Frckoska, due to health reasons. Judge Vaska Nikolvoska said she would hire an ex officio lawyer for Janeva on Monday if Frckoska and Kadiev failed to appear then. “I have defenders,” Janeva said, after which she was taken to house arrest. Bojan Jovanovski has once again been returned to the detention ward in Suto Orizari. Before leaving the courtroom, he once again complained of his medical condition. He’s been taken to a hospital from the ward 55 times. “I’m not a laboratory mouse,” the suspect added. His lawyer, Sasko Dukoski, once again warned that his client’s condition was alarming.