Significant Reforms Made in Jean Monnet Dialogue

After the third Dialogue in the frames of the Jean Monnet process in Parliament, Speaker Talat Xhaferi stated on Saturday that MPs had brought stands closer and agreed on certain aspects in terms of reforms of the Rules of Procedure. “We made significant reforms,” he pointed out, adding that the new composition would see an adjusted text on the changes, which had been annexed to the document, as an integral part of the conclusions of the third Jean Monnet Dialogue. According to Xhaferi, though there is an agreement on 90% of the issues concerning the changes, the new Rules of Procedure will be adopted after the elections by the next composition of Parliament. MEP Andreas Schieder, who chairs the EU-Macedonia Joint Parliamentary Committee, state that it was good that it was possible for them to agree in a pre-election period with all parties on the Rules of Procedure’s content and essence. He added that an obligation existed for that to be put into practice after the elections. According to the MEP, after the formation of the new composition, the fourth dialogue will start because there are many other issues that should be discussed apart from the Rules of Procedure. Ilhan Kyuchyuk, European Parliament Rapporteur on Macedonia, stated that they would in the future, too, cooperate with both the ruling structure and the opposition because there was a need for more strengthened cooperation regarding future reforms related to the EU.