SDSM leader Zaev Testifies in Hearing over Monster Case

“I neither have nor have seen any evidence of involvement of former Parliament Speaker and current VMRO-DPMNE MP Trajko Veljanoski in this case,” SDSM leader and ex-PM Zoran Zaev said at Monday’s hearing over the Monster case. The statement was an answer to a question asked by a parent of one of the killed boys. Zaev’s testimony was upon a request of the parents of the victims. Asked whether he had been summoned so far before an investigative judge or a prosecutor in relation to the case, the SDSM leader said that he hadn’t been summoned to give a statement. As Zaev had stated previously, all materials which were owned by SDSM and in which he had insight as party leader were transferred to the Special Prosecutor’s Office.  The Monster case concerns the 2012 Smiljkovci killings, in which Kire Trickovski, Filip Slavkovski, Cvetanco Ackovski, Aleksandar Nakjevski and Borce Stefanovski lost their lives.