VMRO-DPMNE’s Nikoloski Continues to Level Accusations at Zaev

“In the frames of the EPP Political Assembly, we’re these two days informing about the crime and corruption that unfortunately take place in Macedonia. They’ve taken on international proportions,” VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski said on Tuesday, mentioning in that regard the alleged corruption scandal involving SDSM leader Zoran Zaev, former Maltese PM Joseph Muscat, and a shady businessperson from Lybia. According to Nikoloski, people in Europe are asking for more information in order for a wider investigation to be opened. “That just goes to show how much Macedonia sinks in crime in corruption, how much SDSM and Zaev have destroyed Macedonia,” he added. According to Nikoloski, in partnership between the EPP and VMRO-DPMNE, Macedonia will get a date for a start of negotiations in 2020.