Kyuchyk: EU and NATO Membership Achieved only Through Policy of Unity

EU and NATO membership is achieved only through a policy of unity, MEP Ilhan Kyuchyuk, European Parliament Rapporteur on Macedonia, said on Sunday. He expects Macedonia’s politicians to firmly back the country’s strategic priorities in the elections. Kyuchyuk added that regardless of the election results, national consensus had to be found in terms of running the country. “Difficult reforms are ahead, which is why it’s very important for there to be room for both the ruling majority and for parties that will be part of the opposition,” the MEP stated. According to Kyuchyuk, Macedonia has received a lot by not boycotting processes because in neighbouring countries, where there is a boycott, democratic processes are backsliding. MEP Tanja Fajon has a similar stand. She said Macedonia was a bright example in the region, a region that showed backsliding when it came to democratic processes. MEP Tonino Picula expects the EU to soon allow Macedonia to start negotiations.