PPO Draft Law Session Rescheduled for Friday

Parliament’s session about the Public Prosecutor’s Office (PPO) Draft Law has been rescheduled for Friday. Though it started at 10 pm on Thursday, Speaker Talat Xhaferi decided to reschedule it for 11 am the following day. VMRO-DPMNE and SDSM coordinators Nikola Micevski and Jovan Mitreski, respectively, had remarks, with the former saying it was unprincipled for MPs to be waiting for the whole day in Parliament. However, Xhaferi stated that Parliament worked in accordance with the Constitution, adding that MPs who feel sleepy could leave. Mitreski criticised opposition MPs, saying they had been postponing debates at a committee level the whole week. Xhaferi stated he was rescheduling the session because 30 MPs had applied for the discussion. The session for the legislative home’s dissolution was scheduled for Sunday at noon. Previously, the proposal to dismiss Rashela Mizrahi as caretaker Minister of Labour and Social Policy, too, should be on the agenda. That, too, will take place on Friday. The Speaker stated that he wasn’t a politician that relied on Facebook communication, urging party leaders to say at a leaders’ meeting whether they were in favour of elections on 12 April. Prior to the rescheduling of the session, on Facebook, SDSM Sec Gen Ljupco Nikolovski had commented on the developments. As he wrote, if tactfulness continues in Parliament and if voting on the important documents, especially the PPO law, the Electoral Code, the Defence Law, the proposal to dismiss Mizrahi, is enabled, “there is real chance of us forming a new parliamentary majority and then a new stable government that will organise regular parliamentary elections.” Nikolovski also said Macedonia wouldn’t be held hostage by party and criminal interests. According to and SDSM MP and Vice President Muhamed Zekiri, DUI, which is Talat Xhaferi’s party, and VMRO-DPMNE “have renewed their criminal coalition.”