Renew Europe President Ciolos Meets Government and Party Representatives

President, Stevo Pendarovski met with EP MPs, Parliamentary Group “Renew Europe” President, Dacian Ciolos and EP Rapporteur for the country, Ilhan Kyuchyuk. According to the press-release from the President’s Cabinet, opinions on the aspirations of the country toward EU membership were exchanged during the meeting. President Pendarovski underlined the importance of the principle support by the EP in the enlargement process of the Union with the Western Balkan counties and maintaining of the issue on the agenda. President Pendarovski reaffirmed the expectations of the country that the new methodology will be adopted during March, which would enable the opportunity of opening accession talks during the Croatian Presidency with the Union. Opinions on the current happenings in Macedonia in regard to the upcoming early Parliamentary elections were also exchanged at the meeting.


PM, Oliver Spasovski, accompanied by Deputy PM for European Affairs, Bujar Osmani and Self-Government Minister, Goran Milevski also met the “Renew Europe” Parliamentary Group President, Ciolos, accompanied by EP Rapporteur, Ilhan and the country’s EU Delegation Chief, Samuel Zbogar. During the press-conference that was held, Ciolos announced that his Parliamentary group, as third largest at EP with representatives from most EU member counties, supports the Union’s enlargement process and believes that Macedonia is prepared to open accession talk with EU since it has fulfilled the requested criteria. He also relayed the message that EP is committed to building partnership with the country in the accession Euro-integration process, which they view as opportunity for synchronization of legislation toward reforms that give results for the sake of the country’s citizens, as well as availability to the EU accession funds, in the interest of bettering the citizens’ lives. “I am certain that great things can happen in Macedonia, but for that political will is needed. That does not only regard only the Government, but the opposition as well and my belief is that together they can work toward accomplishing the country’s strategic goals, and I see no greater strategic goal than membership into NATO and EU because they can deliver high democratic and economic standard which is much needed for the region and the country,” stated Kyuchyuk. PM Spasovski expressed his gratitude for the support at the press-conference for the encouraging messages of support and European perspective for the country. Answering questions by the journalists, PM Spasovski stated that the Government is prepared to conduct fair and democratic elections and called for positive campaign by all political parties, because the citizens don’t want dirty campaigns, but clear messages.


“Renew Europe” President, Dacian Ciolos also met with PS, Talat Xhaferi and VMRO-DPMNE Leader, Hristijan Mickoski in separate meetings. The PS Cabinet reported that Xhaferi expressed gratitude for the adoption of the Resolution at EP in October the previous year, which requested the start of the accession talks with Macedonia and Albania and greeted the convening of the Western Balkan PS Conference under Sassoli sponsorship, with which once more EP’s efforts to represent the people were shown. Mickoski was accompanied by VMRO-DPMNE Vice President, Aleksandar Nikoloski and International Secretary, Timco Mucunski at the meeting, where he talked about the high corruption problem that the country faces and listed the number of corruption affairs and scandals where high functionaries from the ruling SDSM party have been involved in, which is argument in support to those that oppose the enlargement. The VMRO-DPMNE President stated that after his party forms Government after the elections, they will deal with meaningful reforms in the field of judiciary and has plans how to fast-track the country toward EU membership.