Key Witness to the Titanic 3 Case Testifies Via Video Link From Germany

The key witness in the Titanic 3 case has testified through Viber from Germany. Remzie Beslimovska, who was a member of the Election Commission in Cair during the 2013 local elections, answering the questions by Prosecutor Fetai recounted the actions taken by the defendants Ejup Alimi and Ismet Guri that day. “After the vote, Ejup Alimi and Ismet Guri came in and out of the statistics room several times. On one occasion they came in and asked if we could perform deception here, after we said no, after a while Ejup Alimi took some of the records and hid them under his jacket. After some time, they returned to the room, bringing back the records they had taken. I didn’t tell them anything, I was scared because they were both high up in the party,” Beslimovska testified. According to Ejup Alimi’s lawyer, this testimony is contradictory, for which they submitted graphology report to the court claiming that the records had not been altered at all. With Beslimovska’s testimony the evidence procedure on Titanic 3 was finalized. At the next hearing scheduled for March 16, the prosecution and defense will give closing arguments, followed by a verdict, after two years.