Southern Border Calm, Entry Prevented of 180 Migrants During Weekend

The municipality of Gevgelija regularly conducts activities for a possible increase in the number of migrants on the southern border. There are currently no migrants neither on the border, nor at the Reception Center Vinojug. The Regional Crisis Management Center informs that about 180 migrants have been caught trying to enter the country during the weekend and have already been returned to Greece. Mayor Saso Pockov stated that the municipality regularly reports on the current situation at the southern border in order to battle fake news and reduce psychological pressure. “As a municipality we are involved in the preparation and coordination with the institutions in the crisis management system, above all, to deal with a possible increased wave of refugees and migrants. We are also in regular coordination with the Crisis Management Headquarters, which regularly monitors the situation and provides directions for action,” stated Pockov. Because of the coronavirus, which is an additional problem, a container for isolation of persons from high risk countries has been placed at the Vinojug Centre, while the Gevgelija General Hospital has also requested the placement of such a container.