Filipce: Not Possible to Predict Coronavirus Spread

We took radical measures after seeing that they had yielded results in China and Italy, where the hotspots were. The measures are serious and must be complied with. Appropriate measures will be taken against anyone who does not respect them, stated Health Minister Venko Filipce on Friday. “We cannot know and be sure with what dynamics and how the virus will spread especially given the different scenarios. We a scenario where 12 people have been with the patient for more than 20 hours in a small minibus and no one had gotten sick. We have another scenario where the disease was transmitted by contact immediately afterwards. So expectations, forecasts, can turn to be absolutely wrong,” Filipce said answering a journalist question after the Government press-conference. Furthermore, at the 17th session, the Government adopted the conclusion of implementing criminal responsibility for persons who violate the decisions made by the State Labor Inspectorate and State Market Inspectorate, and process them to the Public Prosecutor’s Office for them to act in accordance with legally established competences. At the same time, the State Sanitary and Health Inspectorate, the State Market Inspectorate and the State Labor Inspectorate are obliged to take all measures and activities within their competence to implement and operationalize all measures, recommendations and guidelines adopted by the Government regarding the prevention of the spread of coronavirus. (COVID-19).