Government Adopts Additional Coronavirus Measures

The Government, at its 22nd session, proposed that the Parliament establishes a state of emergency on the territory of the country to prevent the introduction, spread and management of COVID-19. The Government, at the session held Wednesday, on the basis of Article 125 paragraph 1 of the Constitution, concluded that the Parliament should submit a Proposal to establish a state of emergency on the territory of the country for the purpose of preventing the introduction, spread and management of the coronavirus, which is in accordance with the pandemic epidemic declared by the World Health Organization. Oliver Spasovski, President of the Government, Radmila Sekerinska, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, and Venko Filipce, Minister of Health, were designated representatives of the Government to explain this proposal in the Parliament. As one of the new measures, now citizens wishing to leave the country will have to sign a statement pledging that they will not return for three months. The government made this decision in order to protect citizens from the spread of coronavirus, according to Prime Minister Oliver Spasovski. The decision follows Tuesday’s convoy of buses and cars from many areas, but most coming from risky areas in Italy and Austria through the Deve Bair border crossing. About ten citizens from the convoy have been quarantined in Pepeliste. They complain about the hygiene and sleeping conditions there. The Ministry of Defense clarified that this is a temporary location and that these people will be transferred to the Demir Kapija institute.