Dimitrov, Spasovski and Osmani Hold Joint Press-Conference

Despite the extraordinary circumstances caused by the coronavirus situation, we especially appreciate that the EU has found the time and will to acknowledge what has been achieved so far,” stated Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov regarding EU’s negotiations start announcement. “Macedonia, after 15 years on the waiting list as a candidate country and after disappointments in June 2018, June 2019 and October 2019, finally crosses the threshold and can start the next deserved phase on its European path,” added Dimitrov at the joint Government press-conference with Technical Prime Minister Oliver Spasovski and Deputy PM for European Affairs Bujar Osmani. Dimitrov warned that the road would be even tougher and steeper, and again it is up to all of us to determine how fast and how we proceed on the road to full EU membership. “We have traveled a long way to reach this day, when we can say that we have succeeded. When we started on this path three year ago, though with great enthusiasm, I have to admit that we were not fully convinced that this moment would come after a 20 years’ process of stabilization and association and 15 years in the waiting room as a candidate country. Today we are entering the final phase of realizing the country’s dream since its independence for EU membership. And let there be no dilemmas, we succeed because we deserve it,” stated Deputy PM Osmani.