Spasovski Presents New Set of Economic Measures against COVID-19 Situation

Caretaker PM Oliver Spasovski presented at a press conference on Tuesday a new set of economic measures the government adopted in order to assist the business sector to deal with consequences from the COVID-19 epidemic. The government adopted a decision for all state officials to receive minimum salary of 14,500 denars for the months April and May, there will be no pay cuts whatsoever in all other sectors, and employees dismissed from their jobs because of the COVID-19 crisis will receive 50 % of the average salary in Macedonia. Besides this, the government will also establish a COVID-19 Solidarity Fund for donations from natural and legal entities, with Spasovski encouraging all those who are able to make donations. Commenting on recent complaints by citizens about the conditions in the state quarantine facilities, Spasovski said that it does not matter where repatriated citizens are quarantined, but that they must remain isolated for 14 days in order to reduce the risk of further spreading of COVID-19.