Zaev and Mickoski Second Coronavirus Tests Negative as Well

Today, according to health protocols second test was performed for the presence of coronavirus, came back negative like the first one, wrote SDSM President, Zoran Zaev on his Facebook page. “I thank everyone for their support and at the same time I send my support with a wish for a speedy recovery to Kumanovo Mayor Dimitrievski and all the citizens who are dealing with the virus. I hope the Prime Minister and ministers will test negative as well. This virus has been shown to be unpredictable and a serious threat to the health of each of us. That is why we act quickly, but it is very important for all of us to fully respect the measures and recommendations. To stay at home, to pay much more attention to our hygiene, to keep 2 meter distance, to protect ourselves and in that way protect others. Everyone who respects the rules saves health and life. Only with a joint contribution, it will be easier and faster for us to win this battle against the invisible enemy,” wrote Zaev. VMRO-DPMNE Leader Hristijan Mickoski also announced that he tested negative for COVID-19 and with that his quarantine period ends. Mickoski in his video address also appealed for a different kind of Easter celebration, one where the citizens choose to protect themselves and those dearest to them.