144 new COVID-19 Cases over Weekend, Number of Cured Patients Increases

The Ministry of Health informed on Monday that a total number of 144 new cases of COVID-19 were registered throughout the country (36 on Friday, 53 on Saturday, 37 on Sunday and 18 on Monday), which makes the current number of cases in Macedonia 1,225. Throughout the prolonged weekend due to the Easter holidays, 8 patients died as a result of complications with COVID-19 (3 on Friday, 2 on Sunday and 3 on Monday), while a 79 patients were proclaimed cured after the two control tests ran on them turned negative for COVID-19. So far in Macedonia, 54 people died of COVID-19, while 200 were cured, which leaves around 971 cases that are still active. Calculated by cities, 411 cases are registered in Skopje, 338 in Kumanovo, 117 in Prilep, 59 in Veles, 57 in Tetovo, 55 in Struga, 51 in Debar, 34 in Stip, 27 in Kocani, 17 in Bitola, 15 in Ohrid, 13 in Gostivar, 4 in Gevgelija, Kavadarci, Kriva Palanka and Radovis, 3 in Krusevo, 2 in Strumica, Probistip, Kicevo, Negotino and Makedonski Brod and 1 in Demir Hisar and Pehcevo. According to Health Minister Filipce, it is a good thing that the number of cured patients is increasing, pointing out the fact that on Monday there were more cured than new confirmed cases. He still explained that people should remain careful even after the peak of the epidemic. “We can conclude that the disease will continue to exist after the peak and there will probably be sections in the health system dedicated to COVID-19 patients. Seen in perspective, autumn and winter, countries will probably face with coronavirus and seasonal flu patients and the setup of the health system will have to be seriously analysed,” noted Filipce, adding that staying home indeed makes a difference and saves lives. He also informed that he discussed possibilities for donations and other form of assistance with the US Ambassador to Macedonia Kate Marie Byrnes and the French Ambassador to Macedonia Christian Thimonier.