EU Delegation: 66 Million Euros for Macedonia to Deal with COVID-19

The Delegation of the EU to Macedonia informed on Thursday that the assistance announced for Macedonia on Wednesday consisting of tents, generators and blankets was provided through the Civil Protection Mechanisms of the EU. The EU Delegation also reminds that the assistance EU provides to Macedonia also includes 66 million euros that were allocated few days ago, as well as the newest initiative for additional 160 million euros for macro-financial assistance for the state budget in form of loans so that Macedonia can deal with the economic consequences of the COVID-19 epidemic. “Given some misunderstandings about the EU assistance for the country in dealing with COVID-19 situation, the Delegation of the European Union to North Macedonia wants to provide an update on the distribution of the donation of 66 million euros, that were announced few weeks ago: 4 million euros for immediate medical supplies – first delivery, including much needed respirators, will be delivered tomorrow; 3 million euros direct budget support – procedures are on-going, to be delivered in the coming weeks; 9 million euros of direct support for small and medium enterprises will start in the autumn; 40 million euros – distribution of funds is at the moment being finalised with the government as support for small and micro enterprises and active employment measures. Target is a first tranche of funds to be delivered to the budget after summer. Additionally, 10 million euros have been allocated for possible health and other urgent needs that may occur in future,” writes the press release of the EU Delegation. Macedonia was able to seek assistance from the EU and its funds as a partner country, while several EU member states already provided bilateral assistance to Macedonia through donations of medical equipment.