PS Xhaferi: Parliament Can Be Reassembled Only After Election

Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi said during the talk show “Click Plus” on TV21 that the Parliament of Macedonia can assemble again only after successful parliamentary election. “Only the people of this country can reassemble the Parliament now, i.e. we can constitute the Parliament only after we have successful parliamentary election. Any other attempt for reassembling the Parliament equals a coup d’etat. In the past few days I was subjected to political pressures to reassemble the Parliament, but I cannot and I must not act against the laws and the Constitution. Every MP guided by own free will voted in support of the dissolution of the Parliament on 16 February 2020, and now only a successful parliamentary election can bring us back there,” Xhaferi said. 35 MPs from the ruling majority led by SDSM signed an initiative for the Parliament of Macedonia to be assembled once again in order to discuss the declaration of a new state of emergency by the President Stevo Pendarovski. According to VMRO-DPMNE MP Antonio Milososki, there is no legal ground for the Parliament to be reassembled. “On 16 February 2020 with 108 votes in favour, the Parliament was dissolved, and now no one can reassemble it based on their personal initiatives or desires. If they manage to reassemble it, it will only serve as a screen for the ruling parties to pass laws and regulations in their favour, pretending they are doing it for the good of people’s health,” Milososki said. DUI MP Artan Grubi said that once the state of emergency ends, the electoral deadlines will be restarted. “It all depends on the development of the pandemic and the conditions of the general health of the public. We think that not the Parliament, but the Constitutional Court should deal with this initiative backed by SDSM, which was initiated one-sidedly and took us by surprise,” Grubi said.