SDSM Leader Zaev in Interview with 24 TV

In an interview with 24 TV, SDSM leader Zoran Zaev says that if health conditions do not allow for elections to be held, there will be no election process because the health of citizens is the top priority. According to him, however, SDSM is in favour of elections immediately after the crisis ends because nobody can say when there will be next waves. As Zaev says, the complete constitutional deadlines of the MPs’ four-year mandate expire on 11 December, which means that if that situation comes, Macedonia will then enter a fully constitutional crisis. The SDSM leader believes that it’s possible for the electoral activities to resume after the end of the state of emergency. Zaev’s stand is that the elections should be held in the middle of June. He believes that VMRO-DPMNE is hiding from elections. Another reason why elections should be held, Zaev adds, is the economy. As far as the latest developments in the Skopje-Sofia relations are concerned, the SDSM leader says there are good-neighbourly relations with all neighbours.