Witnesses Mladenovski and Kocevski Testify in 27 April Trial

The Security and Counter-Intelligence Administration prepared the plan for storming of Parliament on 27 April 2017, witness Mihail Mladenovski, who was pardoned in the previous case over the attacks, claimed at Monday’s hearing. According to him, the goal of the protests was to create pressure in order for VMRO-DPMNE and DUI to once again form the ruling coalition. Mladenovski was part of a special structure tasked with notifying the Administration about the number of protesters, their age, and their motivation. Prosecutor Vilma Ruskovska stated that Mladenovski’s statement shows, in good part, the involvement of both a political party (many media have said she was referring to VMRO-DPMNE) and the structures to the then-Administration. Former ministers Spiro Ristovski and Mile Janakieski, Veljanoski himself, and Vladimir Atanasovski, ex-head of the Administration, are charged with being the organisers.