Deal to Hold Elections in July Reportedly on Horizon

A deal to hold elections in July is on the horizon, TV reported on Tuesday. Parties don’t want to talk about the exact date, but based on the statements, that could be the compromise. VMRO-DPMNE confirms it is communicating with other parties, but adds it is ungrateful to talk about a date. When it comes to the legal dilemmas about how the new date will be set up, the opposition party’s Vice President, Aleksandar Nikoloski points out there are ways to solve them. Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi, too, now considers that legal solutions exist. However, he will voice a stand once the parties reach a deal. One of the options is Xhaferi replacing the decision on elections on 12 April with the agreed upon date by changing and amending the administrative document. Allegedly, SDSM’s latest proposal is 5 July even though part of its members don’t support that date. DUI, too, finds that option to be most suitable.