Government Annuls Multiple Restrictive Measures, Including Curfew

On the basis of the Infectious Diseases Committee’s recommendations, the Government has annulled multiple restrictive measures. After the Government’s session on Tuesday, caretaker PM Oliver Spasovski and Health Minister Venko Filipce were part of a press-conference at which they discussed the decisions made at the session and other aspects related to the COVID-19 situation. Starting from Wednesday, the curfew will no longer be in force. The Government’s conclusions exempting various categories from work will not be in force, while those with chronic diseases and children up to pre-school age until they start going to kindergarten will be the exception. Starting from June, for people entering Macedonia with special and humanitarian flights, the mandatory state quarantine will be replaced with domestic isolation and a PCR test done in the previous 72 hours. Upon a proposal of the Foreign Ministry, a protocol has been drawn up for foreign diplomats and members of their families that, with a negative test confirmation, are able to smoothly do their job. The Committee has to obligation to make a clear and precise assessment about opening state borders for entering and exiting the country. Filipce is adamant that the measures are in consultation with experts and that the healthcare system is now well equipped and ready to be dealing with the epidemic.