Caretaker Interior Minister Levels Accusations at National Security Agency

Caretaker Interior Minister Nakje Culev has accused the National Security Agency of holding on to the technical possibility of intercepting communications, which, in his view, that violates Priebe’s laws and recommendations. At a press-conference on Thursday, Culev said he had no information whether the National Security Agency was carrying out illegal wire-tapping activities. However, he called on the Public Prosecutor’s Office to investigate, as he said, who is responsible for the fact that direct technical communication between his Ministry and the Operational-Technical Agency hasn’t been established for two years. Culev has sent a written act to the Operational-Technical Agency’s director. He will send information to the Government, too, concerning “the National Security Agency’s monopoly on communication interception”.  On the other hand, caretaker PM and former Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski stated that communication interception procedures were legal.