522 New COVID-19 Cases Over Past Three Days

Friday, Saturday and Friday have been registered 164, 196 and 162 new COVID-19 cases out of 1045, 1213 and 778 tests respectively. During the same period 26 people passed away from the virus. Most active cases are currently registered in Skopje (1210), followed by Tetovo (239), Kumanovo (221), Stip (196) and Ohrid (51). The rest of the cities and municipalities in the country have numbers lower than 50 active cases. Zan Mitrev Clinic patient has been cured from COVID-19 through hemofiltration, which is the first registered case in the world. The patient was received in critical condition by the Clinic and immediately operated on, after which his blood was filtered from infective mediators. The patient who was confirmed to have COVID-19 was tested 3 times after his recovery, all of which came back negative for the virus. The Struga municipality will be inactive until next Monday because the whole staff is under self-isolation, while the municipality of Gazi Baba will remain at the service of its citizens although its Mayor has been hospitalized due to COVID-19.