Signed Code for Fair and Democratic Elections

With appeals for a safe campaign and voting process, the parties at the State Election Commission (SEC) building signed the Code for Fair and Democratic Elections, to be held on 15 July. They say large rallies and gatherings will not be organized in order to protect the public from COVID-19, they will reduce field activities and they will lobby for the votes of the citizens in a different way, with a campaign through the media. While the larger parties are convinced of victory, some of the smaller parties complained that nobody asked them about the election date, and that VMRO-DPMNE and SDSM irresponsibly agreed on the elections between themselves. Representatives of the smaller parties demanded that they be allowed to increase the minutes for their presentations in the media. Thursday, the Ministry of Interior submitted the Voters’ List to SEC, so it is now in the second phase of processing. Prior to the suspension of the election campaign in March, SEC confirmed the lists of 15 coalitions and parties with 1,598 candidates, and determined their placement on the ballot.