Spasovski: Politicians to Send Message That Measures are Respected

There will be no rallies, and the most important thing is for politicians to send the message that the measures are being respected, said Technical Prime Minister Oliver Spasovski during Friday’s visit to Pirlep, answering the question of how the election campaign will be conducted and the messages will be delivered to voters. “I think there are many ways to reach the voters. There are mediums, there are social networks, there are various innovative ways through which we can come to face the political concepts, and still make it safe for all of us, for the citizens. Of course, where it is estimated that mini-meetings can be held with respect to all measures of distance and wearing equipment, we will do so, meetings with target groups, special information to present the program to political entities. So, all the options available to us at the time of this pandemic will be used to get closer, as much as possible to the citizens,” said Spasovski.