HM: Arben Ziberi Dismissed from Public Health Centre Director Position

The Ministry of Health informs that the Acting Director of the Centre for Public Health Skopje, Dr. Arben Ziberi has been dismissed from his post. This comes after he made inaccurate statements to the public, directly damaging the reputation of members of the Infectious Diseases Committee and calling into question the credibility of healthcare institutions in the fight against coronavirus. The Ministry informs that Dr. Aleksandar Stojanov, an epidemiologist from the Public Health Centre, has been appointed the new Acting Director of the Centre. The Democratic Union for Integration strongly condemns the actions calculated on the basis of daily political goals, revenge and in function of the Parliamentary elections, of the Health Minister Venko Filipce against the Director of the Institute of Public Health in Skopje Arben Ziberi. On Sunday DUI released lengthy press-release on the same topic and organised protest in front of SDSM HQ. The movement “I Believe”, in a press-release, pointed to discrimination and inequality in this case.