Council of EU Receives Negotiation Framework for Macedonia

Macedonia’s negotiation framework was distributed to European Union member states Wednesday night, stated the European Commission from Brussels. Macedonia will have to translate the common European law into Macedonian before its official membership in the European Union, according to the writing in the Draft Negotiation Framework for the country. In the Draft Negotiation Framework for Macedonia, the determinant used for naming the language is Macedonian, without any additional explanations or footnotes. This is considered an act of official recognition of the Macedonian language at EU level and its promotion to one of the official languages of the European Union in the future. “It remains for the German presidency of the EU and the member states to review the document, and eventually to adopt the negotiating framework. As soon as it is adopted, it will be announced, we will sit at the table and formally start the accession negotiations for the country’s membership,” said EU Special Representative to Macedonia Samuel Zbogar. The Head of the EU Delegation was in Ohrid to express the European Union’s support for the activities carried out by the Municipality for protection of the coast from illegal constructions and the principle of the rule of law. “This visit “EU with You” will be held in Ohrid to emphasize the importance of protecting the Outstanding Universal Value that UNESCO has ascribed to the region for its natural values ​​and diversity of cultural, material and spiritual heritage,” he stated.