Presentation of Election Offers Continue

SDSM and the Coalition “We Can” were in Cair and Probistip on Sunday, while VMRO-DPMNE and the coalition “Renewal of Macedonia” visited Prilep, Krivogastani and Krusevo. The Caravan of Single Macedonia and the Coalition “Never North – Only Macedonia” will meet with the residents of the municipalities of Rosoman, Kavadarci and Negotino. The “Now is the time” coalition held a central rally in Struga Saturday night. From there, the president of the Alliance for Albanians, Zijadin Sela, responded to Zaev and Mickoski for what he said was their idea of ​​exchanging MPs so that they would not be conditioned by Albanians to form a government. “I hear that Zaev and Mickoski are ready to form a Macedonian government. I am telling you very clearly and openly, if you create a government only with Macedonian representatives, we will create our Albanian government,” said Sela from Struga. The candidate for MP from the platform “Macedonian Concept” Petar Bogojeski from Krusevo said that he expects all Krusevo residents, regardless of their affiliation, to vote for Macedonian Concept. The list carrier in the third constituency from the Levica party, Borislav Mrmov from Delcevo announced increased protection of workers’ rights. Sunday, the Macedonian Conservative Party Integra met with the citizens at the city square in Kumanovo, where the party leader presented the program “New Macedonian Renaissance as a vision for a better life in Macedonia”.