SEC with Guerrilla Promotion in Ohrid and Struga

The State Election Commission (SEC) is conducting the “You’re OK” campaign for the upcoming 2020 parliamentary elections. With guerrilla promotion, for the first time so far, the SEC team visited Ohrid and Struga. In the squares of the two cities, two large scenes of a large glass bell and a disinfectant gel were placed in order to bring the messages of safe voting closer to the citizens. According to the statement, with the messages “Protect yourself and others” and “Vote safely”, SEC appealed for safe and secure elections. In the squares of the two cities, educational brochures and flyers were safely distributed to passers-by for safe voting and a precise description of how each voter should act at the polling station in order to aid the prevention of coronavirus spread. With this, SEC wants to show concern for the health of citizens and continued effort in setting an example for a state institution that should be characterized by independence, impartiality, responsibility and professionalism in the work.