Two New Pre-Election Audio Bombs

Audio bombs have been published more and more since the election campaign began. A conversation was posted on YouTube on Thursday, according to which the voices of the former Minister of Transport from VMRO-DPMNE Mile Janakieski and Aleksandar Nikolovski, who is also VMRO-DPMNE list carrier, are heard. Under the headline “Nikolovski construction mafia with Nefi in Ohrid”, Janakieski is heard telling Nikolovski about a plan for constructing buildings in Ohrid, to which he receives an answer that they belong to Nefi Useini. But this is not the only audio bomb, there was a conversation titled “Zoran Zaev agreed with Saso Mijalkov”, and the voice of Zaev is heard talking to an unknown interlocutor about his political activities. He talks about how they can negotiate with the former director of UBK. In the conversation, Zaev set a condition for Mijalkov and in return he said he would not publish anything. In the second conversation, Zaev talks about Oliver Spasovski and Petre Silegov as they went out to hit directly, as he says on the government. The interlocutor asked him about Silegov and added that he was in a committee and was gathering money. Zaev answers that he had no dilemma about what he was doing and said that it was okay.