SEC: 9,300 Citizens Cast Their Votes on 2nd Day of 2020 Parliamentary Election

The State Election Commission (SEC) informed at a press conference that a total number of 9,300 citizens cast their votes on the 2nd day of the 2020 parliamentary election in Macedonia, planned for the voting of homebound citizens and inmates. As they inform from SEC, 7,861 homebound and infirmed citizens applied for voting in this election, as well as 1,235 inmates in correctional facilities around the country. “We are still waiting for final data from the correctional facility in Prilep, but for now we can confirm that the turnout of the inmates in correctional facilities is 74.53 %. The turnout of the homebound citizens is 88.77 %,” said SEC Spokesperson Admir Shabani 1,814,263 citizens have a right to vote at the 2020 parliamentary election in Macedonia.