SEC Latest Data: SDSM with 1.27% and Two-seat Lead over VMRO-DPMNE

According to the latest unofficial preliminary data posted on the SEC’s website, as of 6:47 am on Thursday, the SDSM-led coalition received the support of 36.12% of voters in the early parliamentary elections, while 34.85% voted for the option led by VMRO-DPMNE. DUI has 11.3% of the votes, the coalition between Alliance for Albanians is supported by 8.52% of voters, Levica received 4.17% of the votes, while 1.51% voted for DPA. Those pieces of data are from 1,774,550 processed voters and 3,421 processed polling stations. Based on those unofficial preliminary results, the SDSM-led coalition won 46 MP seats, followed by VMRO-DPMNE and its coalition, 44, DUI, 15, the Alliance for Albanians – Alternative coalition, 12, Levica, 2, and DPA, 1.